Michelin 2 Starred Molino de Urdániz
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“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel

Hotel Mvsa gathers the best indulgences from Europe & the world. Hotel Mvsa will change your understanding of hotels. Liquor brands and spirits are from the goddess of Muse. We traveled around the world to bring you the best in brands.

Michelin 2 star award – Molino de Urdániz, For more than a decade , Molino de Urdániz is famous for its Michelin stars. Not only will this restaurant’s world class esthetics and great taste spoil you, but also the attention given to exquisite detail will hallmark your dining experience.

Seven Co-branded Super Wineries – Co-branded super wineries global. Hotel Mvsa co-brands with seven super wineries from six countries. We provide you a complete selection of international fine wines. Indulge yourself in a rainbow of fine wine colors.

The Winly Corporation – Whenever superstars travel to Taiwan they use Winly sound systems. The Winly Corporation provides the best in sound systems to celebrities visiting Taiwan in world tours or concerts. It is Winly that built our sound system and tailored the hotel’s ambient music heard in every corner of the Hotel that will amaze you and revive your appreciation of the beauty of music.

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